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“I have worn contact lenses for over twenty years. My only disappointment is that I did not have LASIK surgery earlier. The post-surgery healing process was painless and the Crown Laser Center family was professional and caring throughout the process. I cannot describe the freedom of not having to rely on corrective lenses to see the world!! I am a totally satisfied customer. Thank you Crown Laser Center!!!!”

Flora, St. Louis MO

Federal Law Enforcement Officer

“It has only been two weeks since my LASIK surgery and all I can say is “WOW!!!, I should have done this several years ago!” The day after my surgery, my vision was 20/15 and my vision is continuing to improve. I chose Crown Vision Center and Crown Laser Center because of the professional and friendly staff at both the Zumbehl, St. Charles office, and the LASIK facility in Creve Coeur. Dr. Ullrich and Dr. Wade explained the procedure in detail and answered all my questions. The nursing staff even held my hand during the surgery! It is obvious they care about their patients! My husband and I are leaving for Mexico next week and I am looking forward to seeing the sights, and especially swimming without the hassle of contacts and glasses!”

G. Cole, St. Charles MO

“I would recommend anyone to Crown Laser Center. I will admit I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know much about them. After my first meeting with the staff and doctor I felt right at home. The procedure went just as they said and I’m free of glasses and contacts once and for all. Coming to Crown was the best decision I made. Now only if we can convince my husband to do it!”

Andrea, Maryland Heights MO

“I had LASIK because my profession requires a lot of movement and good vision. I once knocked my glasses off across a stage! Plus, I just wanted the freedom of not having to wear glasses since I have been in them since age 10. The surgery and recovery time were not at all bad. I own about 3 pairs of sunglasses now just because I can! I love my 20/15 vision.”

Jaime, St. Louis MO

Sign Language Interpreter

“I have been nearsighted all my life. Never could see the blackboard at the front of the class, and always was put in the back of the room. Then I started wearing glasses. I HATED them! As soon as I became a working girl, I started wearing contact lenses and have for 45 years! That’s enough! I am fortunate to have great close vision naturally, so I opted to get LASIK in my weaker eye so I have mono-vision and don’t need glasses or contacts! I was amazed that the LASIK only took less than 1 minute! And I could see fairly clearly through the eye shield all the way home after the surgery. And had absolutely NO discomfort. I can now see the computer screen without putting my face within 6” of the screen! It’s a miracle! Thank you. With this technology available now, wouldn’t it be wonderful to make the blind see!!??”

Jo Anne Ruiz, St. Louis MO

Office Admin. & seamstress as a hobby